Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flannel Friday: Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes

Book Cover

I love Kevin Henkes and his candy board books. I decided to make Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick into a flannel board so I could use the board book to read the story as I put the felt characters on the board. I haven't used this one yet, but I am going to do it during my "Just for Fun" storytime in a few weeks for the toddlers. I will probably use this flannel board again during the next Christmas season.




  1. Beautiful work Sarah, this is gorgeous. ~ jane

  2. Absolutely stunning pieces! They just look like Henkes's work!

    1. Thanks. I used the illustrations as my pattern : ) I just love Sheila Rae. I really want to use my big sister taunting voice from when I was a kid in storytime : )

  3. These turned out great. I also like how you have "storytime" at the bottom of your flannelboard.

  4. These are GORGEOUS!

    And I love the idea of making board books into flannelboard stories. There are so many wonderful ones that are too small to share with a group, and this is the perfect way to do that!