Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flannel Friday: Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy by Judy Schachner

I am doing a "Colorful Cats" theme in a few weeks for toddler storytime, so I just had to make Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy by Judy Schachner into a flannel board. I really wish some of these books would get published as hardback instead of just board books. They are perfect for toddlers and everyone loves Skippyjon Jones.

I just found some clipart and pictures online to make the flannel board. I am going to change the order of the story to start with the sky so I can storytell it better with the flannel board. My next goal is to make shapes for Skippyjon Jones Shape Up and I might do the number one too, I haven't read that book yet.

Book Cover



  1. Wow, I totally missed ordering these (maybe because of the board format). They would be perfect for my 2 year old story times though!

  2. Too cute! I do not have this in my collection yet...ordering soon. thanks!

  3. I agree with the board book only frustration! There are so many great board books to share with little ones, but they are too tiny. I'm thankful when they are published in the larger, lap board book format.

    But I love the idea of flannelboard-izing them to share! Nice job doing that here!