Friday, November 4, 2011

Flannel Friday: Spot and Friends Dress Up by Eric Hill

It has been so long since I posted on my blog! I have been attending conferences and trainings all month, which really cut into my time thinking about storytimes, flannel boards and blogging. Here is the most recent flannel board I used in toddler storytime this week. I have many more from the month to add and will be working on that in the coming weeks.

I did a dress-up storytime this week so the toddlers would have another opportunity to wear their Halloween costumes. All my books were about playing dress-up. Surprisingly it was really hard to find books at the toddler level about playing dress-up. So, I used a couple of flannel board stories instead of reading the actual books. If anyone has book suggestions, I would like to do the same storytime again next year. Our volunteer made this wonderful flannel board of the board book Spot and Friends Dress Up by Eric Hill. I got a used copy of the book from Amazon and used it as the template.

Spot and His Friends Dress Up Hb (Spot Books)

Spot and Friends Dress Up by Eric Hill

Spot and his friends want to have a dress-up party.
Spot wants to be a cowboy.
He puts on his hat and boots.
Yippee! Now he is a cowboy.

Tom wants to go to the party as a pirate.
He puts on his pirate hat and striped sweater.
Yo-ho-ho! Now he is a pirate.

Helen wants to be a ballet dancer.
She needs her tutu and ballet slippers.
Tra-la-la! Now she's a ballerina.

Steve wants to dress as a clown.
He puts on his funny shoes and clown shirt.
Ha-ha-ha! Now he's ready to be a funny clown and make everyone laugh.

Spot and his friends have lots of fun playing dress-up at their party. When they are all ready, they share yummy milk shakes and cookies while they have fun playing games.


  1. Dress-up... that's a good alternative to Halloween (which we sometimes get complaints about, believe it or not)! This is such a great flannel - I am a sucker for details. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great adaptation! I have to remember to do a dress-up storytime, that would be so cute.

  3. We stay away from Halloween in our scheduled storytimes for the reason that not everyone is okay with the holiday. I love Halloween, so I find some way to make it about something fun and toddler friendly. If anyone has book suggestions about dressing up that I can use next year, please post a comment.