Flannel Friday

Here are my Flannel Friday posts. Check out my "Librarian Blogs" list for more great Flannel Friday posts. I am not caught up on everyone who posts for Flannel Friday. Make sure you visit the Flannel Friday website to check out everyone's creations and so you can start posting some of your own.

5 Little Cookies (from What Happens in Storytime... & Mel's Desk)

5 Little Kernels (from Mel's Desk)

5 Little Owls (from Storytime Katie blog)

5 Pumpkin Pies

5 Shiny Stars by Little Scholastic

5 in the Bed

Baa Baa Shape Sheep

Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish by Lori Ann Grover

Blue Car, Blue Car What Do You See?

Bouncin' Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon

Bruno's Hammer (from rovingfiddlehead kidlit blog)

Build a Snowman, 1, 2, 3! by Megan E. Bryant

Counting in the Garden

Counting Nursery Rhymes

Did You Ever See a Pumpkin?

Do You Know the Muffin Man?  Cupcake Man? Pizza Man?

Feelings by Kristen Balouch

Five Giant Pumpkins

Five Little Stars and the Moon Too

Gingerbread Man

Good-Night, Owl by Pat Hutchins

Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen

I Like Apples

I Love You Sun, I Love You Moon by Karen Pandell

Little Boy Blue

Little Robin Redbreast

Lunch by Denise Fleming

Mouse Mess by Linnea Asplind Riley

Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Penguin Finger Puppets (from Fun Family Crafts)

Rainbow Kittens (from Miss Courtney Meets Bobo)

Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes

Skippyjon Jones Color Crazy by Judy Schachner

Spot and Friends Dress Up by Eric Hill

Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Where, Oh Where Has My Underwear Gone?

Where's Spot by Eric Hill

Whose Hat is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper