Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flannel Friday: Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish by Lorie Ann Grover

I adapted the board book story Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish by Lorie Ann Grover for this flannel board. It is such a short story, that I added it into the mix as an alternative for a rhyme between longer books. I asked the kids what each animal was before I said the rhyme. I just took some photocopies of the book to use as my template for the ocean and the animals and used Sharpie and glitter glue to embelish.

Time for sleep in the deep.
Night is dark, baby shark.
It's so late, little skate.
Make no fuss, octopus.
One last swish, jellyfish.
Tuck your tail, humpback whale.
Time for sleep in the deep, deep, deep.


  1. Love the expression on the octopus!

    1. It's a super cute book. My son picked it out as his summer reading program prize.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous and fun! Think I need to make it for Pajama Story Time. Thanks for posting ~ jane

  3. Beautiful!

    This is definitely going on my to make list. I wonder if I can get it made before next Thursday night? Lol!

    Thank you so much for sharing! I had never heard of this book and it made a gorgeous flannel set!

    I hope you are enjoying your evening!

  4. I must have missed a Flannel Friday compilation. Glad I saw this on pinterest. So cute! Really great idea and impressive flannel pieces.