Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flannel Friday: Five Giant Pumpkins

It is a little early to be thinking about the fall, but I try to make visuals as I come across rhymes so I won't forget to do them before my storytime comes up. I am going to use this one next fall for a pumpkin storytime with the toddlers. I got the rhyme from Children's Programming Monthly- Vol. 1, No. 2. I used clipart and images I found online to make the visual. The flannel board is double sided, so when I am reciting the rhyme, I can just flip the card over.

Five Giant Pumpkins

 Five giant pumpkins sitting on the floor
One became a pumpkin pie, and then there were four.
Four giant pumpkins, orange as they can be,
One became a jack o' lantern, and then there were three.
Three giant pumpkins, enormous, it's true,
One became a carriage for Cinderella, and then there were two.
Two giant pumpkins underneath the sun,
One got first prize at the fair, and then there was one.
One giant pumpkin sitting all alone.
I picked one up, and carried it home.


  1. So cute! I love the two-sided action. My storytime kids will love this!

    1. I love two-sided flannel boards too. Whenever possible I make them. Thanks!

  2. Cute and clever...and the kids think we are magical with the two sided Great for fall. Thanks Sarah. ~ jane

  3. Excellent! I'm going to add this to my fall flannel folder! Thanks for sharing.