Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why I love Leslie Patricelli

If you have read my "About Me", you know I have a baby girl and a toddler son. My husband has been sick this week, so I took the kids to the bookstore to get them out of his hair... so he could wash his hair and start feeling like a human being again. Well, I hadn't read Leslie Patricelli's board book Huggy Kissy yet, so I read it aloud to M. This is the first book she actually giggled at when I read it aloud. She loves books (especially the way they taste), she loves looking at the illustrations and snuggling while we read together, but she has never quite responded to a book with actual glee before. I just had to write about it because it made my heart melt and I feel gratitude to Leslie Patricelli for creating these books. My sons' favorite was/is Yummy Yucky (he laughed aloud to this one when he was a baby).

Book Cover    Book Cover

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  1. We love Leslie Patricelli at our house too! My 9 month old daughter LOVED Huggy Kissy. I've been meaning to buy us some of her books, because they're such favorites, but so far we've just been getting them from my library. Next time we're out by a bookstore, for sure!