Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flannel Friday: Rainbow Kittens

I got this adorable rhyme and idea from one of Miss Courtney Meets Bobo Flannel Friday posts. I couldn't wait to make my own version. I found a kitten outline on Google images that I liked for the kitten template. I used felt for both sides of the kittens and I used puff paint for the faces. I used a portion of a box flap for the box of paint and made my paint circles with puff paint. If you haven't already seen her version of Rainbow Kittens, visit Miss Courtney's blog for great ideas on how to use this flannel board. I am going to just do the rhyme during toddler storytime later in the year. Thanks Miss Courtney!

Rainbow Kittens
Six little kittens found a box of paint.
They jumped right in...
Their mother will faint!
The first little kitten came out red.
"I'll be orange," the second one said.
The third little kitten turned bright yellow.
"I'll be green," said the next little fellow.
The fifth kitten said, "My favorite is blue."
"Purple for me," said the sixth with a mew.
Dancing home the little kittens go
To show their mother a kitten rainbow!


  1. Very cute kittens! I love that they are reversible. Reversibility is quickly becoming one of my favorite tricks for flannels and for crafts!

    Thanks for sharing this week!
    Have a lovely day!

    1. I never thought to reverse my flannel boards until I copied the Mrs. Wishy Washy flannel from the Storytiming blog I highly recommend this one if you haven't already made it. She has such great ideas. Thanks!