Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flannel Friday: Five Little Cookies

This is my flannel board version of the rhyme Five Little Cookies. I got this rhyme from Miss Mollie's What Happens in Storytime... blog. She includes a link to Mel's Desk on her blog post for Melissa's version of the rhyme. My sugar cookies look more like Melissa's cookies, but I actually used this picture of felt cookies from flikr for my cookie decorating inspiration.

Because I do a toddler storytime, I can't manage having 15+ little ones coming up to the board to take the cookies. Everyone would get too bored waiting for their turn and they all would have to have a turn. So, I added animals to my rhyme and made stick puppets from cute clipart I found in Microsoft Clipart and on Google Images. I also decided to have the animals carry a nickel (with Velcro) and then I could stick the cookie to each animal to take away after they leave their coin.

Five Little Cookies
Five little cookies at the bakery shop,
Shining bright with sugar on top.
Along came a DOG with a nickel to pay,
He buys one and takes it away.

Four little cookies... Along comes a DINOSAUR...
Three little cookies... Along comes an ELEPHANT...
Two little cookies... Along comes a TURTLE...
One little cookie... Along comes a MONKEY...



  1. I've always done this rhyme with kids' names, but I LOVE using the animals. Great idea.

  2. Very creative! I'll bet your little ones had lots of fun with this rhyme. :o)

  3. Your cookies look so yummy! I like how you use the animals; makes choosing who gets to buy the cookie so much easier!