Friday, March 7, 2014

Early Literacy Challenge 10: Baking Cookies Together

Today I baked cookies with M for the first time. I pointed to the recipe card for each ingredient and read it out loud as I got everything out of the cupboard. Each time I said something, M would say, "Yeah", in agreement that of course we need that item to make cookies. We measured all the ingredients out and I told her how much we needed for each ingredient. Every time I put something new into the bowl, M would take a turn trying to stir it. I let her sample each ingredient with a little spoon. She especially liked the flour and chocolate chips. Cooking with your kids is such a great way to pack a lot of early literacy skills into one activity, plus it is a great way to bond.

ECRR Early Literacy Practice: READ & TALK
Early Literacy Skills: introduction to math, narrative skills, reading, vocabulary

Find out more about early literacy from the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL) website. They have great information about the ECRR 5 Practices and 6 Early Literacy Skills, plus lots of good ideas for developing early literacy skills with children.

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