Thursday, March 6, 2014

Early Literacy Challenge 9: Bedtime Stories

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I know this seems like a simple one- bedtime stories. We read to our kids every night before putting them to bed. We have worked reading into our bedtime routine and the kids never want to go to bed without a story. Lots of nights, my husband and I split the kids up and we each do one of their bedtimes. But, the really fun bedtimes are when we all do it together. My husband and I take turns reading on our son's bedroom floor and one of us chooses the books (me, my husband or one of the kids). We are all heaped together and listening to the story. I like it when my husband reads and he likes it when I read. Bedtime stories are one of my favorite parts of the day. I still remember my parents reading to me and my brother and sister every night and I am so glad my husband and I are repeating this memory with our kids.

ECRR Early Literacy Practice: READ, TALK, SING, PLAY & WRITE (we hit all these on any given night depending on the books we read)
Early Literacy Skills: social & emotional development, print motivation, print awareness, phonological development, letter knowledge, dialogic reading, vocabulary, narrative skills, etc.

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