Monday, March 3, 2014

Early Literacy Challenge 6 & 7: Aquarium & Pet Store Field Trips

Early Literacy Challenge 6: Aquarium Field Trip

Recently, my husband took our kids to the aquarium. Our son had been there when he was about 18 months, but M had never gone. They both loved it. Jason was able to talk with them about different types of fish and the ocean. A loved the turtles and M loved the sharks. They both liked touching the sting ray. A said it was "squishy". M loves all animals, so she was enthralled by this new experience. We love traveling as a family and experiencing new things. The aquarium was a great opportunity to expose the kids to some background knowledge and vocabulary.

ECRR Early Literacy Practice: TALK
Early Literacy Skills: vocabulary, background knowledge, comprehension skills, social & emotional development

Early Literacy Challenge 7: Pet Store Field Trip

The much cheaper version of going to the aquarium is visiting the pet store. A and M love this field trip. We walk around the store looking at the birds, rodents, fish and turtles. Okay, my husband has to go with them to the rodent aisle because I won't go there. My whole family thinks little mice are cute, except for me. Of course, A loves the turtles, just like he does at the aquarium. M loves birds and pretty much everything in the store. We get to talk about animals and what they eat, how we take care of them and where they come from. This is a great field trip that exposes our kids to a lot of vocabulary and background knowledge, plus it is FREE (except for whatever pet item we are purchasing that day).

ECRR Early literacy Practice: TALK
Early Literacy Skills: background knowledge, vocabulary, social & emotional development

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