Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Early Literacy Challenge 8: Trains!

Our kids have been fighting over the trains for about a week now. They are obsessed. So, I tried to put together all our train toys, props and a few books in a basket in our living room so it would be ready for them to investigate whenever they want. Of course, we have engineer hats since our kids love hats.

M really loves Freight Train by Donald Crews right now. It is one of the most perfect books for toddlers. She loves reading it and then we play trains. While we play, we talk about the colors of the toy trains.

I put up our Freight Train flannel board on our activity wall to complete the little "unit". I made the Freight Train flannel board as a birthday present for A when he turned two. I got the idea from Storytime Katie. The template is on KizClub and you can just print it off and laminate it as a story prop, which is what I did for the library and my toddler storytime.

Normally I am not this organized, but it was pretty easy to throw together since I already had the all the stuff.

ECRR Early Literacy Practice: PLAY, TALK & READ
Early Literacy Skills: print motivation, imagination & playing pretend, narrative skills, vocabulary, learning colors, matching (with the flannel board to the illustrations in the book), size, science (magnets on the trains), background knowledge, social & emotional development

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