Monday, July 14, 2014

Early Literacy 21: Fold-Up Forts

I love making box forts with my kids and they love them too. What usually ends up happening is that we have this really awesome box fort in our living room for a couple months and I finally get tired of it and recycle it. No problem. The kids got their use and we all had fun.

When I started making box forts for my library program, the Early Literacy Fair, I didn't have the luxury of storing forts in the middle of the room because I didn't have any place to put them at the library and I couldn't store large forts at my house either. So, I needed to devise a way to make a fort that folds up for easy storage behind my cubicle at work, behind the couch at home or under a bed.

This is what I came up with. The forts fold up like accordions and I can stash them in tight spaces at work and at home. I love box forts for imaginative play, creativity and to help set the scene for social interactions. Here is a link to the PDF instructions.

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